Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Death By Debt, The Wake Up Call

Death By Debt, The Wake Up Call

How many of you can truly wake up each and every morning and not have that little nagging worry about money? I'm sure there are many of you out there that can, but the majority of us right now can't. You out there... you can't.

This morning I woke up to see three missed calls from an unknown number. Not wanting to ruin my day and already having a feeling of whom it was who called I decided to push it to the back of my agenda. One quick swipe of the finger, and the number was gone... like they never called! That seemed to ease my worry temporarily and I could go back to my morning coffee. I couldn't, however, ignore the call when that same number flashed across my iphone screen later around lunch. I did a quick google search of the mysterious area code... hmmmm don't know anyone from Connecticut... and then like ripping the band-aid off the skin I pressed "redial."

Now, I'm not sure if ALL debt collectors you've encountered in your life were or have been as gracious and loving as the one that picked up my call... but... I was lucky enough to get one of the nice ones. Gripped by fear of late payment fees and even over exaggerated thoughts of debtors jail quickly said "Ummm yes, I just received a call from this number a few minutes ago?" there was a brief pause, then a warm "ahhh yes is this Robert Safe?" "Yes" I replied, and without any time to ask any further questions the lovely voice on the other line responded "Hi I'm Sandra from Sallie Mae, we're calling to inform you of a payment missed on a loan that was dispersed in June" Ouch, responsibility, had finally caught up with me...

Now when it comes to debt you'll all have this in common. Credit cards, Loans, and Store Cards all look like doorways you can escape through, they're the doorways that lead to that new ridiculously low priced Iphone you've waited for since it's debut in June 2007. They're the doorways that burst open revealing all the things you never knew were so easily attainable. But... and there ALWAYS is one... there are strings attached, not only strings, but ropes! and cables! and chains! I've been there... I am there... and through this blog, hopefully we can avoid death by debt or at least our savings accounts can...

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  1. I collect money and have for the past two years. I am never mean. Maybe it's because I understand that people get behind or maybe aren't aware of certain invoices being owed? Regardless I don't feel you should ever be rude to a customer. The one thing that really gets to me is when someone avoids me or lies to me. Most of the time if you talk with your debtor they'll be understanding or work a deal with you. Don't be afraid of us ;)