Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Death By Debt, Finding the "Free"

At least blogging is free! These days I find it a constant challenge to entertain myself. Society definitely does not cater to the poor, or those saving or conserving finances. You don't actually realize how much you're spending until you don't have the money to spend anymore. Suddenly that 4.50$ grande latte at Starbucks isn't just "coffee" anymore, it's laundry or transportation money. I've never really "pinched" pennies this hardcore in the past you tell yourself. So that brings me to the question, are there free or at least inexpensive things to do in your city? and if so where do you find out about them? Maybe this will have to be a two part blog, I haven't done all my research just yet...

In the meantime, and coming from past experience, I've learned it's best if you're just upfront about your bank account balance, with yourself, and everyone else around you.. The next time a friend asks you to go to the movies or go to dinner with them just say "I'm tight on cash right now" chances are they'll understand and appreciate the truth more than an excuse, and who knows, they might even buy you dinner.


  1. I look forward to reading more! Great topics! I tend NOT TO BE upfront with my husband about how much money we have. I usually just let him get whatever he wants and then worry about it later.

  2. Really Christina? See I'm the total opposite- I buy stuff and "forget" to tell my hubby. :)

    But yes, I totally agree that the first step in fixing the situation is facing the actual problem. I have been wanting to track expenses and quite honestly- I'm terrifed because I know I'm going to be so pissed at myself. But I do tell my friends that I'm broke as a mother fucking joke and they take me seriously. :)

  3. I agree. Most people, if they want to go bad enough, may even offer to pay.

    There are tons of things to do where I live for free. Seeing how I live by mountains that's always a perk. If you Google your city it should give you some websites that may have a calendar with events of things that are going on in your area. Some will be free. Personally my favorite thing to do is just kick back with a bunch of friends, play games or talk about life while making dinner. You have a fabulous time and it's cheap. :]