Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Death By Debt, Bottle O Booze

Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to curl up with a big glass of wine on the couch and drink until your problems went away? well, maybe that's a sign of a budding alcoholic, but that's another blog. Today I learned I have a new phobia, I'm afraid of ATM's... Today I needed some cash for the subway so I popped into a local grocery store with the big ATM HERE sign posted above their door. The second you walk up to an ATM you have one of two feelings, the first, "OMG I just made a huge deposit in my account, how much do I have to take out" excitement.. the second and not so fun one, "OMG, ok I'm gonna swipe my card quickly, hurry... hurry... yes yes enter my pinnnnn... hurry hurry.... 'would you like a receipt?' NO, no, definitely not... hurry hurry... grab your money and go," dread. So today when I walked up to the ATM to withdraw a 20$ from my checking account I chose not to print a receipt, justified the decision as "saving the environment by saving paper" and went on my way. I'm sure you've all been in both places, and while choosing to withdraw money from my account without knowing the balance might not be Suze Ormans financial advice, at least, for a moment, my day wasn't ruined by knowing how "little" I have left in the bank. Cue the bottle of booze

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  1. HAHA!! I'm running on that method right now. I know damn well that my bank account is very close to bouncing right now, but hey! I get paid tomorrow! Spend today...it won't clear for like another day or two...right?? I hope?? :)