Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Death By Debt, Social Isolation

Humans... we're designed for interaction. We're designed to socialize, make friends and form relationships. But what happens when you can't play by the rules of interaction? What happens when you can't afford to go to the movies with friends, go out to dinner with friends, or do any activity really of monetary value that society has set up to help us all "socialize" better? Isolation happens... You're being smart by trying to save money and suddenly you're "anti social," at least in some circles. You'll always have your true friends who will stick by your side, but lets face it, when the bank runs dry so do the invitations to activities. So isolation sets in, and soon you'll find yourself trying to find creative ways to keep yourself entertained. Maybe that's what we're referring to when we talk about "getting back to basics" and "enjoying the simple things" but, and here's a question, are we REALLY ready to start enjoying the simple things? Are we ready to give up going to the opening weekend of a movie and replace it with a rented one from the library? , are we really ready to give up dinners out for dinners in? Are we, or are YOU, ready to restructure your spending habits to ensure a better and "Debtless" future for your life?


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  2. but...im confused...didnt u just go to europe?? i randomly saw them on fb and looks like u had a blast..id take that over a din/movie night any day! i know we didnt really speak that much at glaa...but ill definitely frequent your blog from time to time...check out mine as well!

    diana aragones